The purpose of this website is to make you think and grow as a conscious human being. If you’ve done either of those by reading my posts, I’ll consider it one accomplishment towards my goal of making the world a better place, whether it’s by inspiring you, getting you to think critically, motivating you, making the most of your relationships, achieving financial freedom, and hopefully encouraging you to spread the love and try to one day leave the Earth in a better state than which we’ve arrived here in.

All of us humans are constantly faced with different challenges in life. I hope to make those challenges just a bit easier by providing you experiences that I’ve encountered and show you what has worked for me in all aspects of life. This website is my personal development blog and I hope to brighten up your future with a few new articles every week, whether it’s about health, wealth, or happiness.

It’s not easy developing yourself as a person. Think about how hard it is to change yourself, while so many of us try so hard to change other people. It takes time, commitment, responsibility, but it will be forever worth it, leading to a spiral of events that will encourage others around you in your social circle to do the same. After all, our feelings and emotions are very contagious as human beings. Doing good for yourself will also do good for the others around you in your life.

Where do I begin?

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And a bit about myself…

My name is Alex Vo and I’m a 21 year old undergraduate business student. I took a particular interest in personal development in my high school years. I loved the book store, and my favourite section to head over to was self-help. I really don’t think people read enough, and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the person I am today without those books.

I love tea but coffee is nice for writing. One of my favourite things to do is to go for a walk on a nice day at the park, find a nice green patch of grass on the ground, and just read, learn, and explore.

I’m also very interested in photography, travel, and manage an investment fund. My interests are generally outside of business so I wondered why I came here in the first place, but a friend made me realize during my freshman year that it was to achieve my ultimate goal in life: to make the world a better place.

In today’s society, whether it seems unnatural or not, we inevitably need money. I hope to use my wealth to travel the world and save planet Earth, whether it’s the environment, helping those in less fortunate countries, or saving our planet’s creatures. One day I’ll create a foundation that won’t take all of its donations to put towards expenses. I hope to accumulate enough to cover those personally so 100% of the money raised will go to those issues that are very important to me.

Before I leave this planet, I want to permanently leave a mark to further humans in their development whether it’s through psychology, science, technology, or any other way. I’ve always been passionate about astronomy and outer space and do believe one day that we will have a Mass Effect kind of future. Besides focusing on improving life at home on Earth, I also would like to make a contribution to science where we can one day travel from galaxy to galaxy. Unfortunately, I probably will not be around by this time, but I do hope I’ll be around when we start building the foundation of that possibility. I believe leaving a true, meaningful contribution to humans and society lies in science.

This blog ties in very closely with helping others, and hopefully I can inspire everyone else to try and do the same.

May humanity survive for all of eternity and never stop evolving.